i’ve moved!
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f648431539d3246c8133e234f535ef56join me on a new adventure HERE 


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pure and noble
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happy monday!

i’m so excited to announce

my talented and oh so lovely friend brooke of


and brooke’s new logo and blog design

that launched today

(designed by cough….ahem…cough..ME!)

hee hee

brooke sent me this gorgeous inspiration board

and of course i fell in love with the whole bit

folks, she makes designing a dream!

seriously check out this goodness…


so be sure to stop by


today and check out brooke’s new blog

i’m so excited for her shop to open

and to take one of brooke’s sewing classes

{ hello new hipster baby wear }

so much goodness i tell ya!

i loved every second working with this talented mama!


design from A to V

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y’all i had a baby!
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hi ladies and gents!

i hope these pics catch you up to my latest adventures and excuse my long blog hiatus

{seriously it has been too long}

let me introduce my little bundle of joy

\ \ \ RYDER KOA VIEGER  / / /



taylor and feel so blessed
to have a happy healthy baby boy
to keep it real, it has been the most exciting AND the most terrifying experience
i’m still processing the glory of it all
one minute i’m laughing hilariously and the next i’m crying
don’t get me wrong being a mom is
A   W   E   S   O   M  E
it’s not the perfectly designed life
with everything in it’s place, that makes me comfortable
or with the control that i prefer
it’s messy, unpredictable and exhausting
but it’s the most rewarding job i’ve ever had
i hope you can follow me along in this next stage of life
attempting to balance design, work life, motherhood, faith, family and friends
or at least laugh at my follies along the way
DESIGN from A to V
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ryder’s nursery!
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we are on the official countdown to meet lil’ ryder

9 days to go people!

come on baby….

in the meantime,

please enjoy this lovely post

by my sweet friend brooke of pure and noble


thank you brooke for including me on your awesome blog

you keep me inspired daily

and i’m honored to have ryder’s nursery highlighted on pure and noble!


design from A to V

*image pure and noble

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be right back
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hello folks!

i know i’ve been mia for a while

but i just wanted to let you know i will be out

 for a bit longer

we are preparing for baby ryder to arrive in less than 18 days



i appreciate your patience and i can’t wait to share

this next chapter and adventure with you!

{and promise i will include lots of non-baby related adventures too}


design from A to V

*image via pinterest

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a good mess
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‘hello i love you won’t you tell me your name?’

nothing to do with this post but i just love that song!

anyways…it’s been awhile.

i just got back from a fun girls trip

(more on that later)

and things are settling down,

except they aren’t really.


life seems to be getting busier by the minute,

design work is picking up

and baby boy rider is growing bigger every day!

all for which i am extremely grateful.

i feel the clock ticking daily for his arrival.

taylor and i have a lot of house projects to do before he gets here.

i can’t help but feeling like everything is a bit out of order, a bit messy

but i welcome this mess and i’m working on enjoying every bit of it.

it makes me think of a quote from ferris bueller’s day off-

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.


design from A to V

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hello and happy thursday

it’s been pretty quite around here lately because

taylor and i have been out for the count the past few days

but i’m back!

we are feeling better and no longer house bound

thank goodness


now for some links of love


low pony = low maintenance


words of wisdom


dallas weather allowing for painted toes & sandals in february ?!!


texture & triangles


planning on planting some of these beauties this weekend


cool card case keeping business legit

hope you are having a fabulous day!


design from A to V

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happy hump day!

i’m way behind on blogging this week

kind of having a hard time getting back in the routine of designing,

unpacking (yeah still need to finish), and everyday responsibilities

after you come back from time off

do you ever think-being an adult stinks!


i know i have so much to be grateful for and i will snap out of it soon

but i’m still in travel mode and a part of me still wants to be on vacation

the thing i love best about traveling is how open our eyes are to new things,

new experiences, new ground to explore and all the wonders it has to offer

so i guess you could say the above quote it pretty apt

in summarizing my mood today

taylor and i always promise one another

(usually in reflection on the last evening of our stay)

to not let the ‘nice’ wear off


so cheers to keeping our eyes (and hearts) open to everyday wonders


design from A to V

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babymoon bound!
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i’m blogging late this evening to say farewell dallas!

taylor and i have an early flight to arizona

where we are going to retire from the daily grind at the ritz carlton dove mountain

for 4 days of babymoon bliss



insert preggo white bod in a green chair above

hopefully with a fruity (virgin) drink and book in hand

taylor is excited for some hiking adventures

and i cannot wait for some spa treatments and relaxin’

the best of both worlds

have a lovely weekend friends!


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good morning
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xo  -  design from A to V

image 1, 2

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