4 for the 4th
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how excited are you that it’s fourth of july week?

i am so happy to be spending the 4th with my fam out at the ranch!

{AND hanging with my nephews for 3 full days}

can’t wait for what’s on the carefree agenda:

swimming and relaxing by the pool, eating watermelon like it’s my job, and grilling for dinner

oh yeah..and maybe some healthy family competition playing endless amounts of board games

and late night wes anderson movie watching marathons

you never know what can happen?!

we are a crazy bunch i tell ya


so yeah…needless to say i’m excited

here are a 4 beauties i’m excited about

holy SALAD – the kale combined with fresh fruit, almonds and delicious dressing sounds amazing!

i cannot wait to make and taste asap

ok denim vests

to rock or not to rock?

no lies, i’m feeling this look

i think it would give me some street cred

i like the way sienna styled hers with a more feminine dress

i’m officially on the hunt for one

i’m going to be honest, i’m a product junkie

especially the organic, green, feel good about buying, whole foods’ type of products

yes, i’m part hippie

yesterday as we were grocery shopping, i had the shower gel in my hand about to place it in our cart

and my husband looked at me with distain and said

‘wasn’t i suppose to remind you we don’t need any more products’

then i twisted the top off and made him smell it

he immediately swooned too


seriously it smells amazing

and makes me happy to be awake in the morning

{an impossible task}


& although this design is less than appealing

i’m excited to check out these versa magic inks

that are fabric friendly for my oil and cotton printing workshop next tuesday

{for more details & to register click here}


what are you looking forward to for the 4th?

fireworks while wearing a rocking denim vest?

it could happen people

happy monday folks & i hope you have a fabulous 4th of july celebration!


design from A to V

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  • I am sooo with you on the denim vest. Its a go for sure… the navy fabric ink too – love that stuff! The kale salad??? Not so much! Oh, and im totally on board with wes anderson-athon!!! Xo

  • check the bloggy today. did a diy just for you homey! xo

    • Allison

      omg- i am doing this asap. thanks for the jacket to vest tutorial! you rock homey. i don’t know how you do it-always on top of it miss brooke. i can learn a lot from you:) when can we hang out soon?

      miss you!

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