y’all i had a baby!
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hi ladies and gents!

i hope these pics catch you up to my latest adventures and excuse my long blog hiatus

{seriously it has been too long}

let me introduce my little bundle of joy

\ \ \ RYDER KOA VIEGER  / / /



taylor and feel so blessed
to have a happy healthy baby boy
to keep it real, it has been the most exciting AND the most terrifying experience
i’m still processing the glory of it all
one minute i’m laughing hilariously and the next i’m crying
don’t get me wrong being a mom is
A   W   E   S   O   M  E
it’s not the perfectly designed life
with everything in it’s place, that makes me comfortable
or with the control that i prefer
it’s messy, unpredictable and exhausting
but it’s the most rewarding job i’ve ever had
i hope you can follow me along in this next stage of life
attempting to balance design, work life, motherhood, faith, family and friends
or at least laugh at my follies along the way
DESIGN from A to V
Labeled: family, mom life

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